Anda Dive Sites

The main Anda Dive Sites consist of a 13km wall starting in Guindulman and ending opposite the pristeen White Sand Beaches of the town of Anda. The wall is broken in several places by sandy interludes, large crevices formed by volcanic activity long ago and small caves. The largest being Snappers Cave a cave with several chambers large enough to swim inside with a torch.

The deepest sections of the wall are 30m where large pelagic fish can be seen swimming following the direction of the wall. Large whip corals, Pygmy Sea Horses, Scorpion Fish and numerous Frogfish can be found hiding on the wall from 20m-10m.

The top of the wall varies from 5-8m where the true beauty of the diving in Anda can be found, pristeen soft coral gardens, near perfect visibility and luke warm water make diving suitable for a range of abilities.

The best section of wall is without doubt Paradise Gardens where a colony of Turtles can be found in residence, feeding on Sea Grass on a small rocky outcrop opposite the Dive Centre at Blue Star.

The snorkelling in these soft Coral gardens between the shore and the top of the wall are truly world class.

sea turtle in anda

Paradise Gardens

Named by the locals and famous throughout the Philippines as a World Class Anda Dive Site, Paradise Gardens is unique in that it offers stunning soft Coral gardens between 2 and 5 metres ideal for snorkellers and a superb wall going down to 20m. The highlight here for both snorkellers and divers is the colony of 20-40 turtles nesting in a very small area opposite Blue Star Dive & Resort. White tip as well as black tip reef sharks are infrequently seen at this spot as well as a school of big eye trevally. Not to be missed if visiting Anda

mandarin fish in anda


A steep wall dropping down to 25m, a speedboat wreck can be found lying on the sandy slope at the bottom. Porcelain Crabs and Pygmy SeaHorses can be found here, most interesting are the Mandarin fish in residence which come out just after sunset.


One of the best Anda Dive Sites, Lumayag sits between Blue Star and Coco White two of the longest established dive resorts in Anda. Famous for the Giant School of Jackfish numbering in their thousands that can be found consistently at this Anda Dive Site. The school is found between swimming between Coco White and Blue Star in a depth ranging between 40m to 10m depending on time of day and currents.

Snappers Cave

So called because of the cave that can be found at 25m, where once large Snappers would be found, the Snappers are rarely seen here anymore however the cave is an interesting combination of different chambers which several divers can swim into at the same time. A torch is a good idea, large Box Shrimp can be regularly seen in the cave. Continuing East are two Gorgonian Fans where Pygmy Sea Horses can be found at 25m, of the Hippocampus bargibanti variety.

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