When To Visit Anda

The best time to visit Anda is during the Amihan season, when a gentle wind comes form the North East, known locally as Amihan, or internationally as the trade winds.

During this period between November to May the Anda coast line can experience perfectly flat sea conditions which make for great diving. With little or no rainfall during this period.

From June to November the Habagat wind which originates from a South Westerly bring choppy seas and frequent amounts of rain. It also coincides with the main Typhoon season.

Typhoons generally turn northwards on approach to the Philippines which means Anda and the Visayas region are not directly affected by Typhoons. However during the Habagat season June to November, any Typhoons in the Western Pacific will strengthen the Habagatwind causing choppy sea conditions and strong winds on the Anda coastline.

Diving and sunbathing are often interrupted for a few days while a Typhoon is present due to the strengthened Habagat wind until the Typhoon has passed through the Philippines.

Typhoon tracking in the Philippines is provided through Pagasa.

There is no set time of year when the weather switches between Amihan and Habagat, the switch to Habagat can happen as early as September or as late as the end of October. By November you can be sure the calm seas of Amihan are prevailing.

The hottest months  in Anda are during the Habagat period peaking in July/August, during this time the strong breeze from the Habagat wind is a blessing.

With the combination of lower average temperatures and calmer seas the peak time to visit Anda is November to end of May. Hotel prices are higher than average during this period with limited special offers available.

From May to October hotel prices drop considerably with price reduced by as much as 50% to entice customers during the Habagat period and lack of demand from overseas visitors to Anda.

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